This will not have much information as we are adding information as the app is developed.


Welcome to collaborated. Collaborated is a messaging client, VoIP service, and social media. It has servers/guilds (kinda like Discord's i guess... not really), has a lot of customisation and settings. It also lets you integrate all of your social medias to get a personalised feed without having to log into everything. You can also support us by enabling CoinHive Mining in the settings but it will not be enabled by default to save your cpu.

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  1. How it works
  2. Settings
  3. Guilds (servers)
    1. Guild management
    2. Moderation/administration features
  4. Plugins
  5. Beta testers, release dates, and bug reporting.
  6. Staff
  7. Credits & 3rd party libs and APIs
  8. Privacy
  9. Terms
  10. Guidelines

How it works

Collaborated's api currently runs on Glitch but will run on a VPS on its official full release.

The app uses post requests to communicate with the api but uses a 3rd party library called Socket.IO to send statuses, and whether the user is online or not to the api.

The domain was bought from for around £30/year but the team's domain was bought from Google Domains for £7/year. Both domains use Cloudflare's nameservers, DDoS protection, and (free) SSL using the "1 Free Site Tier".

If you're really curious, this website is currently just rendering Markdown files to a pre-written EJS file using Marked